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Question No : 1

When you change a category, how will new filters added to that category behave?

A. They will assume the default category setting.
B. They will set to block and notify until reviewed.
C. They will assume the defined category setting.
D. They will be disabled until reviewed.

Question No : 2

What happens when you use the IPS factory-reset feature?

A. Only reset policies to default.
B. Remove all IPS configuration, logs, and accounts.
C. Remove only security profiles
D. Remove only network information

Question No : 3

According to best practices, which steps are followed on the SMS to utilize a Digital
vaccine on the IPS?

A. Distribution and Obfuscation
B. Obfuscation and Confusion
C. Activation and Distribution
D. Activation and Elimination

Question No : 4

When importing a profile from the IPS, what is added to the profile name? (Select two)

A. SMS Name
B. User Name
C. Current Date
D. Segment Name
E. IPS Name

Question No : 5

What does the typical SYN flood attack involve?

A. data center humidity errors
B. an attacker sending many spoofed TCP SYN packets
C. congestion from the inspection segment
D. interface errors that result in congestion

Question No : 6

Which CLI command displays the top 20 triggered fillers?

A. debug top-20
B. show net rules
C. show np rule-stats
D. debug rules

Question No : 7

Which settings are specified when configuring an IPS Segment?

A. Duplex. L2FB. and YYZ
B. Segment Name, Link Down Synchronization, and Intrinsic HA
C. Link Down Synchronization, Symmetry, and Duplex
D. Segment Name, L2FB, and Link Down Synchronization

Question No : 8

The Digital Vaccine is a container consisting of what?

A. filters organized into 15 categories
B. filters organized into 12 categories
C. the Virus Vaccine policy
D. the Anti-Virus definitions

Question No : 9

What is an IPS system snapshot?

A. the result of a power excursion
B. done with each profile distribution
C. a backup of the configuration and DigitalVaccine
D. a reset of policies to default

Question No : 10

Which product is part of HP TippingPoint’s overall solution?

A. Intrusion Prevention System
B. Systems Management Solution
C. Threat Diagnosis Center
D. Intrusion Detection System

Question No : 11

What purpose does the Multi Device Edit function serve?

A. allows limited configuration changes to multiple IPS devices
B. provides the same functionality as the device configuration dialog
C. is required for custom filter implementation
D. exposes the Multi Device WYSIWYG

Question No : 12

Each physical IPS segment is actually defined as how many virtual segments?

A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four

Question No : 13

Which log are blocked attack event notifications sent to?

A. Denied Log
B. Block Log
C. Audit Log
D. System Log

Question No : 14

What is an IPS profile?

A. a collection of filter comments
B. the interface settings for the segment
C. a collection of filter policy settings
D. the Segment Group for the interfaces

Question No : 15

What does "SMS" stand for?

A. System Management Solution
B. Safe Management System
C. Security Management System
D. Safety Management System

Question No : 16

Which CLI command shows how much traffic is traversing the IPS?

A. show interface stats
B. show np tier-stats
C. debug port errors
D. debug traffic stats

Question No : 17

Which type of serial connection is used for an SMS OBE?

A. Wireless
B. Token Ring
C. Console Connection

Question No : 18

What are the types of user roles on an HP TippingPoint IPS? (Select three.)

A. SuperUser
B. Administrator
C. PowerUser
D. Filter Admin
E. Operator

Question No : 19

What is created automatically every time you distribute a profile?

A. SMS Snapshot
B. System Snapshot
C. Profile Snapshot
D. IPS Snapshot

Question No : 20

Which action will cause your profile to take effect?

A. Compare
B. Import
C. Distribute
D. Export

Showing 1-20 of 37 Questions   (Page 1 out of 2)



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