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HP HP2-H38 Dumps

Selling HP Graphics Printing
Selling HP Graphics Printing

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-H38

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Question #1

For a car wrapping company using self-adhesive vinyl, what is the biggest advantage that
latex ink has over the competitors?

A. Color gamut

B. The ability to laminate the prints

C. Instant dry

D. Odorless prints


Question #2

HP has the broadest large format graphics printer portfolio in the industry, with printers to
suit all customer needs and using different ink formulations.Which ink formulations does
HP use? (Select three.)

A. UV-curable

B. Solid ink

C. Latex

D. Hard solvent

E. Mild solvent

F. Water

Question #3

The additive color model starts from which color?

A. Blue

B. Red

C. White

D. Black

E. Green

Question #4

What does the acronym "RIP" stand for?

A. Raster image processor

B. Real image processing

C. Raw input profile

D. Raster in pictures


Question #5

With car wrapping and solvent printing technology, why is it recommended to wait 24 to 48
hours before laminating the print?

A. To avoid odor from the print

B. To avoid color changes

C. To avoid lamination errors

D. To avoid solvent entrapment

Question #6

Which low volume latex printer has a seventh ink?

A. The Latex 280 only

B. All of the low volume latex printers

C. All of the Latex 3xx series printers

D. The Latex 360 only


Question #7

What do we need in order to see color?

A. Sunlight, a colored material, and a scanner

B. A light source, an object, and a detector

C. White light, an object with color pigment, and a detector

D. The complete electromagnetic spectrum and an object


Question #8

How many single sheets of media can you load at a time on the FB700?

A. 2 sheets

B. 4 sheets

C. Sheets

D. 8 sheets


Question #9

Which winning values does HP Latex technology have? (Select three.)

A. Long-term printing on textiles

B. Productive and easy to operate

C. Robust and long-term

D. Healthier working environment

E. Ultimate speed

F. Quality and versatility

Question #10

Which color models used in internal color management systems are device independent?
(Select two.)


B. Pantone




There are device dependent color spaces likeRGB (red, green, blue), which is the color
model utilized by the monitor you are viewing this from and CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow
and black) the model used for ink on paper or other materials.

Question #11

How much time do the Latex 300 series printers take to get ready to print now that they
have a highly efficient curing system that allows for an improved warm up time?

A. Under 2 minutes

B. Within 15 seconds (because the printers have Instant On)

C. 3-5 minutes

D. Depending on the loaded media, between 2 and 5 minutes

Question #12

When printing double-sided with the Latex 3000 printer what is the registration accuracy?

A. Less than 5mm per meter

B. Less than 1mm per meter

C. More than 5mm per meter

D. Between 5mm and 10mm per meter


Question #13

Which low volume latex printers feature a high efficiency curing technology based on a hot
air flow that allows more efficient curing, at lower temperatures and faster warm up times?

A. The Latex 330 and 360 only

B. All of the low volume latex printers

C. All of the Latex 3xx series printers

D. The Latex 280 only

Question #14

When printing with the Latex 3000 printer, which ink is printed first?

A. Black

B. Yellow

C. Cyan

D. Optimizer

E. Magenta

Question #15

What is virtually unbreakable, is great for a lightweight wall decoration, has a glass look
and feel (but less than half the weight), and is printed on a flatbed printer?

A. polycarbonate

B. folding cartonboard

C. microchannel cartonboard

D. dibond